About Picture


Picture is first of all the story of three friends coming from different environments

Julien is coming from marketing, after graduating from a business school, he became upset being in Paris and dreaming about awesome powder sessions.

Jeremy was working as an architect within a architect family company, which is the “traditional life” for an architect’s son, but not the life he dreamed about, being a “bio a eco fan”

Vincent was just graduated highschool when he decided to join this adventure with his two friends onto this crazy project instead of going to university, as he was really “different”

Obsessed by their child dream, by this need to create something looking like them, Jeremy Julien & Vincent built Picture in 2008 and as a first headquarter they had a small space beside a carcheck office.

Picture is a clear concept based on strong values:

A product conception the most eco-friendly as possible.

unique creations, that you can notice easily thanks to a fresh and colorfull design, appreciated for their technicity and quality.

Street prices monitored, so that our products are a possible alternative to products that are non eco-friendly thanks to aligned prices.

  • 100% of the Picture products are made out of biological cotton certified GOTS
    (Global Organic textile standard) or Organic Exchange.
  • 100% of the technical products are made of at least 50% of recycled polyester.
  • 100% of the Picture products are certified OEKO TEX 100


Picture is proud of its strong brand values

  • Ride the best places ever this planet is offering us.
  • Protect, by proposing fabrics that are respecting the environment.
  • Share those moments with whom we love.


70 shops in France and Switzerland

France and Switzerland are the two first countries believing in Picture values and products.

The story started within those two countries, that are today the brand’s fundations.

First Picture outerwear line made out of recycled Polyester launch

First brand presentation at the famous International tradeshow in Munich : ISPO.

Alaska jacket became a great success and the 9m2 Picture booth became “the place to be”

Recycled Polyester Introduction


1st Picture boardshorts line made out of recycled polyester launch

Winter Jackets become boardshorts in summer time.

Using the same fabrics as the outerwear range, the first Picture boardshort range is making a lot of noise thanks to its creativity and originality.

Picture outwerwear range becomes bigger and bigger, Season Jacket becomes a reference.

The range gets 2 new models with 6 jackets in range and 4 pants.

Season jacket is on riding industry magazines’s covers, and announced as being the bestseller of the year.

Picture Becomes Global

The brand is going outside of the french and swiss customs to extend the distribution to other european countries and for the first time enter the russian market.


A second bestseller by Picture

For the second time in 2 years, Picture launched THE product everybody is looking for ARPIN jacket & pant

This product has been sold out very early in the season in most of the shops and a parallel market got organized on eBay. This jacket will become this year the reference in terms of style in its category.

An eco-friendly innovation: Unique jackets linings in recovered fabrics

After visiting a lot of fabrics company, Vincent, Jérémy & Julien noticed that a lot of fabrics that fall on the ground when producing clothes get then burned or destroyed.

They decided to use those small pieces of fabrics to give them a chance for a second life by integrating them within the whole Jacket range.

10 countries – 400 outlets

The brand moves forward with his expansion through Europe and get ready for America.


First Down Jacket Launch

3 new references allow the range to get bigger and bigger with the Respect jacket, which construction is a step forward in our eco-friendly way of building products.

Down stays the warmest and more breathable natural product.

That’s the reason why we decided to integrate it to all our products.

A huge step forward in his carbon footprint management:

Since September 2012, Picture is collaborating with AIR – Agence Innovation Responsable to manage each product development and fabric choices.

And also from all the variables that can play a role in a Picture product lifecycle.

With the support from Mountain Rider, Picture also hopes to sensibilize the consumers about the way they deal with their products.

Some practices like washing, drying, ironing may contribute to 90% of a product carbon footprint.

Picture launched the 1st Made In France production

Together with Jonathan & Fletcher company, Picture launched a test project on the product Nakewarmer in order to build a range of accessories build in Annecy, in France.

That project has been successfull and the operation will be renewed for the coming years.

Picture at the SIA Denver Tradeshow

For the first time, the company will introduce its collections at the american tradeshow SIA in Denver, and try to seduce people in the other side of the ocean.


Awarded twice at the prestigious international tradeshow: ISPO !

Gold winner, ski and snowboard outerwear category with the 100% recyclable Welcome Jacket.

And “Environmental Excellence” Award highlighting Picture’s continued commitment to reduce its environmental impact against all the snowboard / ski / outdoor industry brands.

PICTURE loves New York !

Adventure, Expedition, and Friends lines are available in about sixty US shops, especially at the famous Paragon Sports in New-York.


New breakthrough at ISPO 2014 ! The Rethink Bag is awarded with an ISPO Award GOLD WINNER 2014.

Besides the fact that the Rethink Bag contains 30% of Recycled Polyester and is 100% Oekotex 100 certified, it has been designed with a unique second life concept: each part of the bag is easily removable and can be used to contain new products instead of throwing it away.

Consumers can simply take a pair of scissors and follow the red lines when they are done with their Rethink Bag, and transform it into new pencil cases, new toiletry bags, and even new laptop cases.


Launch of the 1st Picture
Innovation Camp

2 days of creativity and fun where we invited Picture users and consumers to brainstorm with us about our future projects and products. An innovative way to develop our products and maintain our link with you!
It was a real success for us and we decided to reissue the PIC every year so you can be each time more numerous to take part. Ride, Share & Protect!

A growing team !

We are now 20 co-workers at Picture, both on Clermont-Ferrand and Annecy sites. Not to forget our international team working for Picture’s expansion all around the world. A team at your service!


Our 3 lines, Friends, Adventure and Expedition keep growing and nice collabs are born!

The first one is called « Dad&Son », 2 generations of artists creating together a limited series of t-shirts. “Dad” is Jeremy’s father (one of Picture founders), an architect passionate about drawing. A nice collaboration between a father and his son, around a shared passion for design.

The second collaboration grew with the 100% Made in France and Made in Alps brand: Henjl.

Henjl is the story of 2 friends passionate about textile and outdoors. After managing production and product development for famous brands, Henry and Jean Louis decided to launch their own brand and bring back the savoir-faire in France. We developed with them an exclusive line of 100% merino wool authentic products you won’t find anywhere else.

Finally, in terms of design, we launched our first Camo jacket!

Our designers keep on seeking new trends. Inspired by outdoors and our roots, here’s our first Picture Camo jacket. Look closer, animals are discretely hidden in the print.

The most eco-friendly helmet in the industry was rewarded at ISPO Munich.

We are proud of our Hubber helmet recognized as a reference in terms of eco-conception.

Indeed, the composition of the Hubber is unique: the polyactide outer shell is made from a polymer derived from corn, a renewable resource. The polystyrene liner is recycled from dashboards from Japanese car industry. The ear pads and chin protection are made of recycled polyester.

Donate to Nepalese schoolchildren

In 2014, several Picture backpacks couldn’t be sold due to a minor defect: the inner seam in the lining was not solid enough. The issue was negligible, but we preferred not to take the risk. But what could we do with 200 unsellable backpacks?
We found a solution in collaboration with Julien’s in laws, one of the founders. Their project was to establish a school in Nepal for children in need, who sometimes walk more than 10 kilometers to go to school.
Here are a few photos of the school’s opening ceremony where we gave every child a Picture backpack! The backpacks are a bit big for some of them, but children grow fast 😉




To conclude 2015, here are our wishes for the new year!

A small video retrospective of our 2015 year. Happy New Year!