Carpe Diem in Chile

top of Puyehue 2

trame mount

Exploring Chile !

For the second episode of his web-episode-series Carpe Diem season 2, our rider Aurélien Routens brings us to Chile.

With his “little wife” as he calls her, it is far from ski resorts and tourist routes that they discovered and rediscovered the country.

Alternating between climbing volcanoes and runs on some of South America’s steepest mountain sides, they headed south with before them spots like Cajon de Maipo, Sierra VelludaLonquimay and Puyehue impressive volcanoes.


trame mount

back ground Chillian 3

sommet du puyehue

run Cajon del Maipo

find a dog in refuge of Puhyehue

cajon de maipo

splitboarding in Cajon de Maipo