Dad & Son
“Dessin Passion”: the vocation of a father and his son (told by Jérémy Rochette) As a child, my father devoured Superman, Kit Carson and Mandrake – fabulous tales that led him little by little to reproduce these characters in detail, with their features and expressions. As a teenager, when he was not studying, he was always drawing. Mum described him as not very talkative, and she often found him far away in his own little world, expressing himself through sketches on the corner of a café tablecloth. On leaving university, he had to find a career combining human relations and his passion for drawing… why not architecture? He started learning as an apprentice, and then, moving from one drawing office to another, he established himself in the profession. It was the time of the Rotring stylograph and set-squares on old-fashioned, counterbalanced drawing boards, when everything was done by hand. After working as a draughtsman and colourist, he specialized in the creation of catalogues with different views in Indian ink and watercolour. Dad was a genuine artist with a fondness for everything related to graphic art and, as a true devotee, he never accepted that software could supersede the pen. When I created Picture in 2008, my father quickly took on board the philosophy of the brand and my desire to redraw the world around me in fresh colours. Deeply marked by the artistic development of my father, I often find his inspiration returning in many of my designs and creations. Dad & Son is the fruit of a meeting between two generations of artists who share the same passion and the same art. Thanks, Dad