Final Part : Picture Recycled Board project.


A few weeks ago, we introduced the first part of the Picture Recycled Board project. Meanwhile, our friend Fredric Lecoq has moved the project forward! Here is the story of the last two steps, with some illustrations, explanations, a video and the launch by Kevin Lestrade.

Step 2: Stratification.

A surfboard is not only a foam base. If you want to surf on it, it must be stratified. This step is probably the most complicated and it is why most shapers subcontract this process. It consists in covering the foam with one or several fiberglass and resin layers. We make it colorful by adding a color pigment to the resin, a pearly powder.

A good stratification guarantees a board that will last over time. Especially as we do not want to make a “disposable” training board, but a collector’s item that will last through time.
An update on resins: Today there is no “green” resin. Some of them are Epoxy Bio Sourced, but still have a high concentration of harmful substances. Therefore the glassing requires an accurate calculation of needed resin to have the least possible waste.



Last step, the finish!

We wanted a board that is like no other. Therefore a tinted glass with a polish finish was required to have a perfect result. The logos made of tissue paper that is directly integrated into the resin are there to remind us where the project comes from.
In addition to our shaper Johan – Clean Cut Surfboards, we also would like to thank FCS for providing us the wooden fins and the resin that give the perfect finish to this board.

Kevin Lestrade (Picture Family) tested the board and for him it is just “perfect”!


ride 1


And to finish, the video ! Filming & Editing : Frederic Lecoq.

Picture Recycled Board project from myleashvideo on Vimeo.