Friends Line X Big Fernand, French-style hamburger specialist

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Did you have a look at the lining of your jacket ? If yes, maybe you saw the French menu inside. Does it have a hamburger ? If yes, we have a story to tell you about that!

We got together with Big Fernand, a famous French-style hamburger specialist to photo shoot our new Friends Line.

Big Fernand is run by a trio of Frenchmen who play up their Gallic charm with curly moustaches, chequered shirts and jaunty caps. If the narrow room with an open kitchen in the front and a few bare wooden tables at the back feels like a slice of New York, thanks to the high-speed service and the friendly vibe, the burgers rely on distinctly French ingredients. The hamburgers on offer (le Big Fernand, le Bartholomé,le Philibert, le Victor, and l’Alphonse) are exclusively made from high-quality produce and customers can design their own hamburger from many different ingredients!

Our friends at the Riot House Production were also with us to capture those moments. Here is a little video of the making of the Friends Line, so you can catch the good vibes we had with Big Fernand ! And last but not least, we created a special t shirt in our range!

Shortly: Expedition & Adventure’s menus!

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