Frontline Railjam 2015

The Frontline Railjam is one of the biggest snowboard rail contest in Europe. It will take place in Stockholm, November 7 2015, for the 11th edition !

Our team rider Kareem El Rafie who is also the contest organizer brings insane jibbers such as the Helgason brothers, Ethan Morgan and our Picture Family rail killer from USA Zach Soderholm.

This year the Frontline Railjam will have a livestream through a youtube link window so that everyone can follow and watch the contest :

Contest will start at 2pm, Finals at 4pm.

We’re partner of the event and our Swedish buddies from Frontflip will take care of our booth, come say hello if you’re around !

More info of our riders below :
Kareem El Rafie
Zach Soderholm

Railjam2015engwebb_ny (1)