Picture Recycling Program

A specific program that reflects our commitments:

Design and manufacture recyclable products, but also create means to collect and recycle them.

The idea

In 2013, we created the 100% recyclable Welcome jacket. Today, we go further by launching the Picture Recycling Program: A recycling and reuse solution for all textile products.

You will be surprised to see how your old snow jacket can be transformed!

Boards as well

Our program also includes recycling old skateboards.

We will reuse the wood of your old skateboards and give them a second life!

But that is not all!

Along with our recycling program, we ask our stores to return our stretched canvases used for advertisement. They will be recycled into shopping bags that we will send back to the participating stores.

So we have come full circle!

The Picture Recycling Bin

Your questions:

Who made this beautiful recycling bin?
The recycling bin was designed and handmade in Savoy (France) by WoodStock Creation from recycled materials.
What is the PICTURE recycling program?
Picture is committed to reducing its carbon footprint to a minimum. Therefore, the “PICTURE RECYCLING PROGRAM” aims to limit the amount of waste that is trashed (incinerated or buried). By dropping-off your old clothes, bags and other textile accessories, you are contributing to reuse and recycling. BE PROUD TO RECYCLE!
Which products are collected by PICTURE ?
• All end of life Picture products (clothing, backpacks, beanies, caps … )
• All textile products in general, no matter the brand
• Used skateboards (Yes, why not!)
• No shoes!
What happens to the collected products?
You will be surprised to see what we can do with old jackets, bags or sweatshirts!Click here to see more ›
What are the sorting instructions?
Products dropped-off at collection points must be clean and dry.
Where can I drop off the products to be recycled?
At all PICTURE’s RECYCLING PROGRAM partner stores.Click here to see the map ›
What are the other options to recycle Picture products if you cannot bring them to a Picture recycling bin?
You can bring your products at a general collection center for used textiles. Find all collection points in France at this link: http://www.lafibredutri.fr/carto
Give or sell it on your favorite resale website or get up at 5am to sell on flea markets!
What will I receive for my contribution?
You’ll be very proud to be part of the PICTURE RECYCLING PROGRAM and having reduced your environmental impact

What happens to the collected products?

1. Donation

After collecting all your clothes, Picture makes a selection to separate the items that are in good condition. These will be given to charity, to people who are in need.

It’s a new life that begins for all these clothes.

2. Recycling

Picture is supported by a network of recycling specialists.

The collected items that are mono-material (100% cotton, 100% polyester) and no longer wearable will be recycled into bags, polyester jackets will make new polyester jackets and who knows maybe your recycled jeans will be used as insulation for your future house!

3. Re-Use

In partnership with the OWL – Outdoor Waste Lab team, multi-material non-wearable collected products will be recycled in a more creative way to become promotional items or accessories in limited editions for our partner stores.

For example, given the fact that our sports activities are very often linked to the use of smartphones and computers, we have decided to offer a “Green geek” collection!

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Collection points

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