Picture Skate Trip : countryside

Each summer, the appointment is confirmed ! This year the Picture skate Family moved close to Paris, looking for cool spots in the countryside.. or somewhere else

Here is the result :

All the trip long, we have posted live content & some “behind the scenes” pictures on Instagram so you can follow them.
If you miss something, this news is for you, all photos below !

With : Mickey Mahut, Nicolas Charrier, Stephan Boussac, Robin Candau, Terence Batol, Vincent Milou, Florent Bavouzet, Idriss Diop, Pierre Delacrose, Pierre Dubuy & Aurelien Bonnefont.

skate 4
Day 1, well arrived! @pictureorganicclothing

Day 1, night session skatepark de Bois le Rois. @pierrorganic

skate 8
Day 2, secret spot in the countryside. @mickeymahut

skate 3
Day 2, it’s on ! Stephan Boussac ! @pictureorganicclothing

skate encore
Day 2, keep going @nikocharrier

skate 2
Day 2, Stephan Boussac is the man. @pictureorganicclothing

skate début
Day 2, after heatwave. @mikeymahut

Day 2, of course. @mickeymahut

skate 7
Day 2, of course. @mickeymahut

Day 3, shortened session…

skate 1
Day 3, anyway, walking in the woods! @pictureorganicclothing

Day 4, ditch in Ury, close to Paris. @pictureorganicclothing

Day 4, Terence Batol caveman boardslide.

Day 4, Ury, sewers skateboarding. @pierrorganic

skate encoree
Day 4, the end ! We had a very good time. Thanks to Samy & the Mahut family for the flats! Looking forward to show you the video.