Road Trip to Tahiti !

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Last spring’s Road Trip to Tahiti !

Passports are checked, boards and shooting stuff are packed, and we leave France towards the Pacific Ocean and its Polynesian archipelago. After a twenty-hour trip from Paris and a stopover in Los Angeles, we finally fly over these lonely islands in the middle of the ocean. Tiare flowers and coconut trees, waterfalls and pineapple plantations, we find here an incredible landscape for our new 2015 summer collection.


Let the Road trip to Tahiti begin! Team presentation : the brand’s 3 co-founders Vincent, Julien and Jeremy, the Riot House Production shooting team, Ben Thouard a local photographer, Picture Family’s pro kitesurfer Jeremie Eloy, Jean-Guillaume Charrier of l’Equipe 21 TV channel and the 3 models Aude, Amely and Mareva. What a great team for an awesome surf trip with friends.

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Big thanks to the Air Tahiti Nui Airline Company and to Tahiti Tourisme for making this possible. Māuruuru !


After landing at Papeete airport, Tahiti’s capital city, and spending a night in one of the city’s friendliest hotels, the Manava Suite Resort, we went to the market immersing ourselves in the local culture: a colorful and multi fragrance place that gives you a little taste of all the archipelago’s wonders.

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Next day we went to the West, towards the peninsula of Tahiti named Taiarapu-West best known as Teahupoo. We were welcomed by the great guardian of the place, Raimana Van Bastoelaer, a legend of big waves surfing, and we stayed there a few days. Huge thanks for your hospitality. On program: beach and palm trees, surfing, kite surfing, pirogue and diving. The Picture Family is getting used to the Tahitian art of living!

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In addition to being the most respected surfer in Teahupoo, Raimana is a true legend and has around him surfers like John John Florence and Kelly Slater. Whereas we all were impressed by the pedigree of our host, our kitesurfer Jeremie Eloy, also a frequent visitor of this spot, was not disturbed and showed us all his talents with a sail in big waves. Big thanks to North Kiteboarding for sails and kiteboards. Fantastic!

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You might know that we produced a miniseries of surfboards for the Picture Family. Without revolutionizing the industrial process of surfing, we have re imagined a surfboard in a more sustainable form by giving a second life to longboards intended to destruction. The extraordinary work of our shaper from the Clean Cut studio in Anglet (France), offered us an unforgettable session in one of the most dangerous and majestic surf spots.

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In Polynesia, airplane is often used by locals and tourists because it’s the fastest way to travel between the islands. But if you want to take your time and admire the archipelago’s various islands, navigating is pretty simple. That is what we’ve done to join the magical island of Moorea and continue our journey.

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Soon, we could see on the horizon a landscape as surprising as wonderful: a clear blue lagoon overlooked by lush green land.

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In this sumptuous set, we are pleased to show you a new product category that we did not have in our former summer collections: outdoor Jackets. Represented by the Infinity jacket and the Arvor rain gear, we strongly believe in these light weighted, sober and technical jackets adapted to changing spring weather.

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Moorea is an authentic isle, with white sand as far as your eye can see, nestling in the heart of a vast garden full of flowers on a conservation site of the Pearl Resort hotel. During the excursions, sharks and whales parade before us, kitesurfing, stand up paddle surfing, hiking to the waterfalls in the mythic valleys of Opunohu and Cook.

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Inspired by our summer lifestyle, hiking in the mountains and camping along surf spots, camping oriented products emerged. Among them, the Mizu gourd that both follow you in your everyday life and during your expeditions and the Sleepen sleeping bag optimized so that you can live with it without constraints. “Go to the bathroom without leaving your sleeping bag has never been so easy!” With its arms and legs’ zips and its hood, this sleeping bag, unlike traditional sleeping bags, gives you complete freedom of movement. Sleeping bag races have lost their interest!



Majestic, magical, idyllic, heavenly … many adjectives that perfectly describe our road trip to Tahiti.

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If you want travel to these islands like us, here is a small list of spots you should not miss: Picture Team’s Good Plans!

Tahiti West Coast :
Hava’e in Teahupoo ; Te Ava ‘Ino, Te Ava Iti et Vaira’o (peninsula) ; Mitirapa ; Ti’ama’o ; Mara’a ; Taharu’u beach ; Sapinus – « Pointe des Pêcheur » and Ta’apuna.

Tahaiti East Coast :
‘Arue reef ; Lafayette beach ; « Pointe Vénus » reef ; ‘honu ; ‘Orofara ; Rocky Point, la Baie ; Papeno’o mouth.

Mo’orea :
Ha’apiti ; Tama’e ; Cook and ‘Opunohu bays; Beachcomber et ‘Atiha.

Huahine :
F ti’i ; Parea and Ava Mo’a.


Whether it is for your surfing sessions, your urban expeditions or your natural escapes, we hope our new summer collection will seduce you as much as the Polynesian archipelago have conquered us.

Nānā !

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Icing on the cake: our Road Trip to Tahiti making of video

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