CODE 19" Grey Denim

CODE 19" Grey Denim
CODE 19" Grey Denim


We make it as green as possible

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50% Recycled Polyester | 38% Polyester | 12% Elastane

Wastes are valuable.

We use recycled polyester from used plastic bottles. A fabric is made through the process of milling, melting and weaving. Around 50 bottles are used to make a performance jacket. For a boardshort, two dozen.

16 000km car saved for the whole boardshorts collection

Carbon Footprint

We are able to track our carbon footprint at each processing stage of a product’s lifecycle. From the raw materials to the factory and from transportation to product use and end of life. We can assess and compare our production to a conventional industrial production, then translate our emissions-savings into kilometers travelled by car, for a clear and understandable information.

Additionally, we use Higg Index as a tool to assess the impact of the raw materials on different aspects (carbon emissions, water consumption and water eutrophication) and guide design.

What's in?

  • Welded pocket at hip for easy access
  • Reverse zipper
  • Drawcord silicone tabs

The Code is a technical boardshort made of the 4Ways stretch fabric technology, but it is also a freestyle inspired piece with color blocking and an artwork from our Dad & Son collection. A small easy access pocket will protect your keys while on the move. We added silicone stripes to the drawcord for a tight fit. Made of 50% recycled polyester.

Size / Fit

How to take your measures


Measure your size in a natural way.

Size chart for men pants

XS-28 S-30 M-32 L-34 XL-36 XXL-38
Waist 68/73 74/79 80/85 86/91 92/97 98/103
Hip 81/87 88/93 94/99 100/105 106/111 112/117
XS-28 S-30 M-32 L-34 XL-36 XXL-38
Waist 27"/29" 29"/31" 31"/33" 34"/36" 36"/38" 38"/40"
Hip 32"/34" 35"/37" 38"/40" 42"/44" 46"/48" 50"/52"