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70% Organic Cotton OCS certified / 30% Polyester


Animal welfare is part of our interests in sustainability. Important issues come out of down, feathers, leather and wool sourcing because of the harsh treatments on animals. More and more, we look for alternatives to animal products. Synthetic down, polyurethane leather, bio-based materials. Alternative solutions are available.

Water based inks

Our water-based prints and dyes are Oeko-Tex 100 Standard 1 certified. It guarantees no health or environmentally harmful substances, such as phthalates, are used in the products.

Longterm factory process improvement

Since 2009 only 2 factories produce more than 80% of our products and we have been business partners. It is a key benefit to involve our suppliers and get involved in the supply chain.

Beyond the basic business relationship between a brand and its suppliers, a long term partnership allows to build trust, gain knowledge and find solutions to specific environmental and social issues.

180 000 km car saved for the whole hoodies / joggings collection

Carbon Footprint

We are able to track our carbon footprint at each processing stage of a product’s lifecycle. From the raw materials to the factory and from transportation to product use and end of life. We can assess and compare our production to a conventional industrial production, then translate our emissions-savings into kilometers travelled by car, for a clear and understandable information.

Additionally, we use Higg Index as a tool to assess the impact of the raw materials on different aspects (carbon emissions, water consumption and water eutrophication) and guide design.

What's in?

  • Animal: plush
  • Letters: embroidery

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Size 8 10 12 14
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