LANE 1.5 Top

LANE 1.5 Top
LANE 1.5 Top
LANE 1.5 Top


We make it as green as possible

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70% Limestone Neoprene | 30% Recycled Polyester

Limestone Neoprene

The Limestone is chemically transformed to obtain a neoprene foam. We do not use classic neoprene in our wetsuit production. The Limestone Neoprene contains 5% of recycled rubber from old tires. Moreover, we use Aquaglue, a solvent free adhesive.

56 000 km car saved for the whole wetsuits collection

Carbon Footprint

We are able to track our carbon footprint at each processing stage of a product’s lifecycle. From the raw materials to the factory and from transportation to product use and end of life. We can assess and compare our production to a conventional industrial production, then translate our emissions-savings into kilometers travelled by car, for a clear and understandable information.

Additionally, we use Higg Index as a tool to assess the impact of the raw materials on different aspects (carbon emissions, water consumption and water eutrophication) and guide design.

What's in?

  • Picture LimeStone Stretch Technology 1.5mm Full Front zipper
  • Zero Oil
  • Motion pattern
  • Fuse cut
  • Elastic drawcords to connect boardshort & top
  • Stitching free under arms

The Limestone range

Designed for performance and comfort in warm water temperatures (21-25°C), Lane 1.5mm is made of Limestone derived from the deterioration of the rock. Not a drop of oil can be found in its components. A flatlock construction allows high durability. The lining and surface fabric (which is made of 100% recycled polyester from used plastic bottles) are bonded using a solvent free, water-based glue.

The lining is made of a DryNow fiber to make it ultra-wicking and increased insulation properties. Inspired by the triathlon wetsuit, we developed a seamless pattern on articulated body parts allowing complete free mobility of the shoulders. We can say that this top is certainly one of the most comfortable on the market with an outstanding 3 to 1 stretch ratio. A waist elastic connects the top to a boardshort.

Size / Fit

How to take your measures


Measure your chest at the level of the most accentuated part.

Waist :

Measure your waist at the narrowest point of the waist.

Size charte wetsuits men

XS S M M Tall L L Tall XL XXL
Height 167-172 173-178 175-180 180-185 180-185 188-193 185-190 188-195
Weight (kg) 55-65 60-70 70-80 70-80 75-85 75-85 85-95 95+
Chest 88-93 92-97 96-101 96-101 101-106 101-106 105-110 109-114
Waist 72-77 77-82 81-86 81-86 86-91 86-91 90-95 94-99
XS S M M Tall L L Tall XL XXL
Height 66-68 68-70 69-71 71-73 71-73 74-76 73-75 74-77
Weight (kg) 55-65 60-70 70-80 70-80 75-85 75-85 85-95 95+
Chest Chest 35-37 36-38 38-40 38-40 40-42 40-42 41-43 43-45
Waist 28-30 30-32 32-34 32-34 34-36 34-36 35-37 37-39