The Picture’s Story

Hi there! Let me introduce ourselves. We are Julien, Jeremy and Vincent, lifelong friends and founders of Picture, and here’s our story


We grew up together, sharing a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding. From the streets of our neighborhood Clermont-Ferrand to the Alps, there was always a good excuse to get together for a session.







Back then, Jeremy was working as an architect for the family business. His path was perfectly paved, but he was dreaming of nourishing higher values for sustainability, values he had already introduced in his personal lifestyle. Vincent was just out of management school and ready for a real professional challenge. As for myself, I was working in marketing at Coca Cola, in Paris. Far away from the mountains, far away from any kite spot

See, we were all dreaming of something more, something to fulfill our passion, something that would reflect who we are.

The skateboard and snowboard culture always had a major influence on us. We drew our sense of identity from the counterculture, watching films and following riders that inspired us beyond their rad clothing style.

Then one day, the question came up: Why don’t we start a brand? It made sense. We were all hitting a milestone, begging for newness. And the challenge was crazy, but we wanted to beat the odds! We were precisely on the same page with one criterion: 100% committed responsibility and sustainability-driven eco-design. The fact that we had to learn everything didn’t kill our motivation: business start-up, fabrics, manufacturing, etc. Bring it on!

Just a few weeks later we were setting up our first headquarter in the backroom of an automobile technical control center! Well, it had to start somewhere 😉

But what about our name as a brand? We wanted a name or a saying that would be meaningful across boundaries, so it had to be in English. It had to be short, yet inspiring. When we watched the snowboard movie « Picture This », released in 2008, we kept the name Picture and the adventure started

Picture, a clear concept based on strong values:

The best possible environmentally friendly product design. Unique designs that stand out for their fresh colors and valued for their good quality. Cost prices are controlled to make sure that our products are a true alternative to conventional industrial production.

Picture products are made from 100% recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials.

Everything is connected. The Earth allows us to ride wonderful spots, to share incredible moments with our friends and we want future generations to be able to enjoy the same wealth.


70 stores in France and Switzerland

We roam the globe with our first ever collection, visiting stores to book our first orders! France and Switzerland are the first countries to get enthusiastic about our brand values and products.

First presence for Picture at ISPO, the leading international exhibition for the sport business, in Munich, Germany.

Our booth is probably the smallest in the whole tradeshow, but still we strike the attention! The Alaska In Winter jacket is our first performance piece.

Our first recycled polyester Outerwear collection launch.


Our first recycled polyester boardshorts collection launch

We use the outerwear fabrics and turn winter jackets into summer boardshorts!

Meanwhile, the outerwear collection grows. We add 2 new silhouettes, creating 6 jackets and 4 pants. The Season jacket makes ski and snowboard magazines covers.

Our contrast color blocking style creates a buzz!

Picture goes international !

The brand crosses boundaries and grows out of France & Switzerland and into other EU countries. The products hit Russia for the first time.


An ecological innovation: Recovery fabrics to make jacket linings

At the development stage of our 3rd outerwear collection, we’re starting to get the ABCs of the clothing industry and industrial production.

We can’t help but notice the quantity of fabric waste along the manufacturing process, so we decide to salvage the wastes and use the materials in our performance jackets lining: We named this the Recovery Fabrics program.

10 countries – 400 retailers !

Picture continues to grow in Europe and we are gearing up for the United States!


A better control of the supply chain to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We establish partnership with AIR (Agence Innovation Responsable) that will allow us to better manage all of the innovation and sustainability-related subjects.

We set the Picture Your Impact tool,

A carbon footprint calculator that allows us to learn about and optimise our footprint along the product lifecycle. You can find the tool here and trace your own impact when you buy Picture!

First collection Made in France

Local production is important to us. So, we are proud to present a neck gaiter collection completely made in Annecy, France in partnership with Jonathan & Fletcher. This company is a R&D studio and agency that handles the prototyping stage of Picture’s clothing.

Picture at SIA, in Denver

For the first time, we feature at SIA (Snowsports Industry America), one of the most important national exhibition for the sport business in America, taking place in Denver, Colorado. And a new adventure begins on the other side of the Atlantic!


Double award at the internationally recognised ISPO snow sports exhibition!

The 100% recyclable Welcome jacket wins ISPO Award Gold Winner!

In the same year, we are also awarded « Environmental Excellence » for our responsible actions and sustainable approach.


Our products are finally available in around 60 shops across the US, including Paragon Sports in New York. Now, we are living the dream!


The Second life concept launch

The Rethink Bag and second life unique concept launch. If one day you can’t find any more use for your pack, you can tear it apart and turn it into whole new products: a wash bag, 2 simple kits and 1 computer sleeve. It’s much better than throwing it away!

The first Picture Innovation Camp launch

2 days of fun and creativity around innovation where we invite consumers to think future projects and products with us.

And the team gets bigger!

Our team grows and there are now 20 people working together in Clermont-Ferrand and Annecy, excluding the international teams working on Picture’s growth, around the world.


Our 7th year in business brings great collabs!

Dad & Son brings together 2 generations, 2 artistic spirits, for a t-shirts collection in a limited series.

«Dad » is RenĂ©. JĂ©rĂ©my’s father, an architect who loves drawing. They portray a great father-son relationship and a common passion for design.

The second collaboration unites Picture and the 100% Made in France and Made in the Alps, Henjl

Henjl was born after 2 friends who joined their passion for outdoor and clothing. Henry and Jean Louis managed manufacturing and product development for successful brands before they launched their own brand and promoted the French manufacturing expertise. Along with them, we developed a limited collection of authentic products, 100% Merino wool.

Hubber Helmet, The first ever ski/snowboard helmet made from 100% recycled and organically sourced components.

We wanted to make helmets without sacrificing our commitment to sustainability, so after 2 years of research and development around eco-design, we came up with a satisfying combination: First, the shell is made from polylactide, a corn-based, renewable source, high performance polymer.

Second, the polystyrene lining recycles discarded car dashboards from the Japanese automobile manufacturing industry. Then, the chin and ear pads are made from recycled polyester.

We reach the next level commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).