B CORP, what’s new?




In 2019, we received B Corp certification, the highest distinction today for companies committed to making environmental and social responsibility a core part of their business operations.

We view certification as validation of what we have already implemented as well as a fantastic way to identify the areas of improvement, providing us with a great roadmap for future actions and programs.

The extremely high standards and transparency of scores certified companies received, allows us to compare and define those areas where we need to improve.

For example, at Picture, our environmental score is relatively high thanks to the fact that our entire range of products is made with organic, recycled, certified, and toxic-free materials. However, we clearly lack data and a full assessment for our true carbon footprint, as well as how much water and energy we consume. The B CORP assessment highlighted these deficiencies.

This is now one of our high-priority projects, and will focus on three key elements:

  • 2020 : Conducting a new carbon footprint assessment (ongoing process) to know our real CO2 impact
  • 2020 : Reducing our impact by improving our energy efficiency, and by starting the energy transition process (product manufacturing, transportation, stores)
  • By 2025 : Achieving carbon neutrality by capturing CO2 and by compensating for any remaining emissions.

In the end, this coincides with our goal of wiping out all use of fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) in every aspect of our company’s business. Bringing our partners and other stakeholders on board will help a great deal in the fight against climate change.

Join us in this adventure !

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