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What if besides fertilizing our planet, bees put themselves at the service of fashion?

Beehives, honey, royal jelly, these small insects are full of ingenuity and their creations find a large number of applications in our society, from medicine, to utility, through gastronomy.

Today there is no honey on the menu! Indeed, it is on beewax that we will focus our interest. In order to fight against harmful water repellent treatments, we are pleased to introduce the Beewax, a natural waterproofing agent that does not contain substances harmful to the environment.

There is no longer any need to prove its effectiveness! Mountain climbers already used it during the XXth century to make their clothes water repellent (= impermeable/waterproof). During long expeditions it was important to stay dry and beewax enabled them to re-activate the water repellency of their clothes.

Even if you do not practice mountaineering, this Beewax will come in handy: imagine your favorite, old, worn-out woodcut jacket, that you like so much… except when it’s raining! No problem, the Beewax is here to save you from bad weather. An iron, and your old jacket will protect you as the first day.

If we decided to bring back to life this “technology”, it is because it is important to remember that our grandparents often had solutions that were just as effective as ours, and often easier to use and above all: more natural!

To prefectly apply the Bee Wax, please visit our FAQ in the section “How to correctly use the BeeWax?”

So why make it complicated when it can be simple?

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