Be part of the solution 🌲

Fighting climate change through our passion for boardsports and great outdoors, this is our mission.

Join us in this important fight.

Be part of the solution.

We are all part of the solution and as a company we need to galvanize as many people as possible in our community to act.
From supporting our riders and team to reduce their individual carbon emissions to participating in the energy transition and in removing carbon from the global economy.

Meet Florian,
Sustainability Manager.

Since 2020, Florian and his team have finished the process of measuring our carbon emissions. This method of “carbon counting” allows us to identify those areas that emit the most greenhouse gases. We can then implement more relevant and precise measures to reduce our impact as a company.

Meet Virginie,
our After Sales Manager.

Repairs increase a product’s longevity and diminishing its overall impact on the environment. To provide this service, Virginie and her team launched the Lifetime Repair Warranty last fall.

Meet Vincent, Julien and Jérémy,
Picture’s co-founders.

« Using business as a force for good. »
In 2019, we received B Corp certification, the highest distinction today for companies committed to making environmental and social responsibility a core part of their business operations. A real pride for these three childhood friends.

“No one is too small to make the difference”

We can all improve the impact we have on the planet as a person. We are all part of the solution.

Discover how our riders get involved in this shared mission!

Meet Coline Ballet-Baz,
Protect Our Winters volunteer.

I joined POW France in 2017, because they were bringing a lot of different actors together to fight for the preservation of nature, with a vaste range of actions, in which I felt I could participate without being a climate change professional. From school interventions, to advocacy letters towards political representative, and glacier expeditions with scientists, POW helped me to become a better climate activist. I also have a growing feeling, that the solution is not only in our hands, but needs to be holistic and involve our societies' biggest actors (industries, politics...). That's why it is important to support associations like POW, which are acting in this direction.