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Merimbula, Australia

Date of Birth

July, 7, 1977

Best Trick

There is nothing better than sharing perfect barrels with my friends









What does being part of the Picture Family represent to you?

I want my brand to make the best products possible with the least amount of impact on the environment and I believe PICTURE is already doing this, so being apart of the PICTURE family inspires me and elevates me to be the best I can be.

Tell us, how did you start surfing?

I grew up surfing, I lived and breathed it and it took me to Namotu island in Fiji where the waves were perfect in the morning for surfing, but blow out and windy in the afternoon. Once I figured out I could ride my same surfboard that I surf on with a kite my world changed and my vision became to surf when the waves were good and kitesurf when they were all blown out and windy – the best of both worlds.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

Bridge the gap between surfing and kitesurfing, kitesurfing has given me everything and I want to share how amazing it is. I truly believe it’s the ultimate crossover sport and I want to share this vision with as many people as possible so they can enjoy this experience and make the most out of any conditions the ocean throws at them.

What are your best surfing memories?

There are so many, I’ve had a lifetime of special moments both surfing and kitesurfing that I’m so grateful for, but the one that first comes to mind was when everything lined up to kitesurf the biggest waves of my life at Cloudbreak, Fiji in 2011. Theres so much time and energy that goes into scoring a swell like this and when it all comes together theres no better feeling.

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