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Les Deux Alpes, France

Date of Birth

June, 12, 1992

Best Tricks

Cork 9 tail



coco test 1200x588

coco test 1200x588





What does being part of the Picture Family represent to you ?

Personally, Picture is for me an ultra-motivated brand, which fully support their riders, we can really count on that!
Moreover, there are more and more people who are realizing that if we want to keep beautiful mountains, if we still want to ride during next winters, we will have to change a lot of bad habits, and quickly! Even if sometimes it is hard to make things happen, Picture is one of the first brands which decided to commit in clean processes, especially with the Organic Style (organic cotton and recycled products). It is surely thanks to this kind of initiative that we will be able to acquire a collective awareness.

Tell us, how did you start freestyle skiing ?

I started four years ago, when I arrived in Grenoble during my studies. I really liked ski and mountain yet, but I did not have the opportunity to practice often, and I directly involved in this sport, and with the spirit, meetings and projects which are linked to.

What are your future plans and ambitions ?

I want to enjoy everything that ski can bring to me in terms of travel, experiences, ride, friendship… And I admit that if it could be possible one day, I would like to head to more filming than competitions, even if I know that competitions are unavoidable during a season.

Don’t you miss big puff days when your practicing your trick in the park ?

It’s true that it could be frustrating to spend my time on a park while slopes are covered of fresh snow… But when you are committed in a competition or for a shooting, it is quiet complicated to shift a set just because it snowed last night!
Hopefully, in those cases you can quickly comfort yourself with beautiful landscapes, comfortable snow at landing, and obviously, you can go out from the park sometimes.
Otherwise, I did have the chance to spend a lot of unforgettable puff days when I just arrived in Grenoble, with my roommates who just loved freeriding !

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