Emiliano LAUZI

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Valle d'Aosta, Italia

Date of Birth

September 22, 1994

Best tricks

- bs 1260
- cab 1440









What does being part of the Picture Family represent to you?

I am proud to be part of the Picture family! When I joined the P fam some years ago, it wasn’t that big, and it’s awesome to see all the effort they put to being bigger and bigger. It seems to me, that all this effort was well repaid year by year, improving and growing up a lot! I’m really thankful for the changes and opportunities I got to grow up with the Fam.

Tell us, how did you start snowboarding?

My mom had, and still has, a love for the mountains. She was doing a lot of ski mountaineering. So I used to ski when I was a little kid. Around the age of 10 I tried out the snowboard with her! I loved it! And when I was 15/16 I decided that few weekends of snowboarding were not enough for me!

What are your future plans and ambitions?

I want to keep to improve my skills; I like a lot to do competitions and I will keep on doing that! I’m planning to shoot some powder line with my friends and show again the world (after many years) what the Italians got! For sure joining the Olympics Game wouldn’t be bad!

What is your best snowboarding memory?

I will never forgot when I stompped my first double! I was in Mayrhofen and my friend told me : why u don’t go upside down twice?! And I did it, after a big crash… But it was the best felling until now!

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