Erika Vikander

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Mt. Hood, Oregon

Date of birth

July 6, 1990


What does being part of the Picture family represent to you?

The Universe aligns us with exactly the right people at the right time and I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with a company that prides themselves on sustainability and lessening our impact on the world like Picture Organic. Not only do they make really functional gear that looks great, they have a standard they fulfill in upholding the fight against climate change and I am grateful to work with a company that empowers me to live a more sustainable lifestyle while enjoying the outdoors.

Tell us, how did you start snowboarding?

Growing up in Montana, the mountains were always a part of my life living at the foothills of the Bridger Mountain Range. My siblings , Mom and I would ski on the weekends until we got old enough to go by ourselves. When my older brother switched to snowboarding, I obviously had to try it myself. After a day or two of chasing him and his friends around trying to keep up, it clicked. The rest as they say, is history.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

I want to help inspire the next generation of snowboarders to live their lives both on and the hill to live sustainably. I hope to continue to compete and push my own limits as well as pursuing more passion film projects that fuel my soul.

What is your best snowboarding memory?

I try to consider memorable moments every day, but one of my favorites must have been the first time I got to go to Japan. It is such a special place in my mind, body, and spirit. We rode the deepest powder of my life. Literally feet of snow every single day and night for a two week period, it was every freeriders dream. Needless to say my legs were toast by the time I returned home!

What other activities do you do in the outdoors?

I love to explore nature, whether I am hiking, biking, river rafting, or anything else, nothing excites me more than finding on off the beaten path trail or road and following it to the end. I have found some of my all time favorite camping spots this way, as well as countless waterfalls, mushrooms, rocks, and animals. I also just took up wakesurfing which has been such a fun crossover way to train for snowboarding.

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