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Quebec City streets
Stoneham (Quebec)

Date of Birth

January 19, 1986

Best tricks

Park : Switch Double Cork 1260 Rev. tail
Street : Nosebut 360









What does being part of the Picture Family represent to you?

For me, being part of such a brand, and being supported by it, I see it like an honor. Not so many brands of the ski/snowboard industry care about the environment like they do, with very innovative and cool products. They actually do listen their rider team, like a real family, and check that the team keeps the same spirit. It is a privilege to ride with this crew, I’m proud of it!

Tell us, how did you start skiing?

Ski came pretty naturally. I started with skateboard, and me and my brothers have always been in this “lifestyle”. When ski became more “cool”, in 2000, and when twin tips were created, I made an easy choice. I already had good basis, because I ski since I was 5 years old.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

Older I am, more I want to evolve and let a print, creating videos with always more level and creativity into it. I only want to continue projects which reflect the kind of ski I want to see on streets, and in all kind of skiis in general. Moreover, I want some new video projects and improve myself, staying healthy. I would like to inspire young people with a good spirit.

What is your best skiing memory?

There are so many precious moments to share, but one of the best was to win the X Game Slopestyle in Tignes, in 2011. Moreover, there are all projects I had the chance to realise even if I was scared to do them. It is good to have this feeling of accomplishment, like when I did this rail which allowed me to win the Best Jib at the Powder Award, and the wall in Quebec.

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