Mathilde GREMAUD

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La Berra, Switzerland

Date of Birth

February, 8, 2000

Best trick

switch double cork 1080

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mathilde g 4

mathilde g 4

mathilde g 1

mathilde g 1

mathilde g 2

mathilde g 2

mathilde g 3

mathilde g 3

What does being part of the Picture Family represent to you?

I’m so glad that Picture contacted me because I really like the spirit and overall the way they create their clothes, all the effort they are making to “save the planet”! And I have to admit that the catalogue is just great.

Tell us, how did you start skiing?

Building backcountry kickers in my small ski resort, finally, I decided to try snowparks and I was directly hooked.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

Obviously, participating in competitions is the thing that interests me the most, but I also have a great pleasure to take part in the evolution of the discipline.

What is your best skiing memory?

My best memory was in Mammoth, just before the start of my second run on the slopestyle, when all the other girls of the competition wished me good luck and have shown a big respect for me even if it was my first time on the circuit. Respect and mutual support are very motivating for me!

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