Pauline ADO

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Anglet, France

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What does being part of the Picture Family represent to you?

It’s a real pride to be a part of this family. Picture has strong and authentic values that I support at 100 %. I love the philosophy that this brand inspires.

Tell us, how did you start surfing?

When I was younger, I was unable to stand still… Football, tennis, bike, hiking, handball… I practiced a lot of sports and I only played with boys. Living at the seaside, I used to go to the beach very often during summer. I played with a bodyboard in the waves and with my friends we tried to stand up on. Naturally, we wanted to try surfing and I started at the age of 8.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

Currently, I’m seeking to two main objectives in comps: get back on the WCT and earn a pass for the 2020 Olympics. I also hope to do some nice trips between two deadlines. I love the original destinations that we do not expect to surf…

What are your best surfing memories?

It’s hard to choose… My ISA Junior World Champion title in 2006 was a magical moment. Everything went as in my dreams. There is also my first tube during a surf trip in Mentawaii Islands. Two very different memories but both strongs.

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