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Silvretta Montafon, Austria

Date of birth

April, 4, 1991

Best Trick

BS AIR!!!!

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What does being part of the Picture Family represent to you?

I am trying my best to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible and so does Picture – we have the same environmental goals and the same understanding of great outdoor products – that’s why I love to be part of the Picture Family.

Tell us, how did you start snowboarding?

My first time riding a snowboard was probably at the age of 7. The board was completely made of plastic and you had to strap in with ski boots. 🙂 I wasn’t really happy with this set-up and went back to those little ski’s, we called them “figl”. At the age of 10 a friend of mine convinced me to give snowboarding another try, this time with a real snowboard. That was pretty much the beginning of my career 🙂

What are your future plans and ambitions?

Riding where the snow is deep and the peaks steep.

What is your best snowboarding memory?

The last few years snowboarding gave me so much good memories and positive feelings – hard to tell which one was the best, I was definitely hyped at those moments:

– 2nd place at my first Freeride World Tour contest
– Finishing my videoproject „Catch me if you can“ with a jump in a moving chairlift
– Riding straight out of an little avalanche
– Every time when fresh snow is coming

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