Repair & Reuse

How to repair your Picture products?

Patchs Picture

Heavy and Light Tech patches are Picture repair patches made from the leftover fabric from our technical garments. This saves material, making the most of all our scraps and waste, while providing a quality worthy of our highest quality technical garments.  


They are pre-cut and feature both ergonomic shapes and fun designs. Unlike a classic sticker, our patches use an iron-on adhesive that does not peel off after application.  


Cool patches are repair patches made in Europe. They feature both iconic Picture logos as well as new logos designed in Annecy specifically to make your products unique. They can be used for more than just repairs: use them to customize your luggage and clothing, or just add a little fun to your favorite clothes or gear. 

Cool Patch

  • Ideal for: luggage, cotton clothing, denim 


  • Designed in Annecy, manufactured in the Netherlands 


  • Various logos and shapes to fit your needs! 


  • Iron-on 


  • 6cm diameter/length maximum 


  • Machine washable  


  • Can be applied to any type of fabric (cotton, polyester, etc)

Heavy tech patch 

  • Ideal for: skiwear, windbreakers, membrane jackets or pants  

  • Dryplay 5K/5K membrane fabric 

  • A variety of different themes to choose from 

  • 18 patches of different sizes to adjust your repairs 

  • Thermo-adhesive 

  • Available in black or light brown 

  • Machine washable 

  • Can be applied to membrane fabrics (Gore-Tex, Dryplay...) 

Light tech patch

  • Ideal for: Down clothing, sleeping bags, tents  

  • Water repellent material  

  • A variety of different themes to choose from 

  • 18 patches of different sizes to fit your repairs  

  • Iron-on 

  • Available in black or dark blue 

  • Machine washable 

  • Applicable on fragile membrane garments (Pertex) and those with thermal insulation (Primaloft, Pyrenex...) 

How do I apply Light/Heavy tech patches?

Before proceeding with a repair, first clean your cotton product, your down jacket, or your technical clothing. If the area is damaged, remove any loose threads.

Estimated time: 15 minutes 

Materials needed: 

  • 1 Heavy Light or Cool Picture patch

  • 1 iron / hot press  

  • 1 damp cloth 

  • 1 clothes dryer (cotton clothes) / hair dryer (technical clothes and down)  

Applying the patch in 4 easy steps:

1. Clean and dry the area to be repaired. Position the patch on the desired area. 

2. Place a damp cloth or square of fabric thin enough to allow steam to pass between the patch and the iron. It should be large enough to avoid damaging the fabric or getting glue on the iron.  


3. Set the iron to the appropriate heat for the material:  


Lycra / Nylon: 135 ° C (275 °F)

Wool / Polyester: 148 ° C (298 °F)  

Cotton: 204° C (400 °F)


Apply moderate pressure and use circular motions for 30 seconds to heat evenly. Repeat if necessary. 


4. Allow to cool after application  

Picture tip: To reinforce the repair patch after application, use a hair dryer for your technical garments or put your cotton garment in a clothes dryer for 30 minutes at normal temperature

How do I remove the patch from the backing? 

We recommend that you do not remove the neutral spaces in order to make it easier to pick up the patches. Fold the sheet slightly at the patch you want to remove, then grab one of the corners to peel it off cleanly.

What surfaces can I apply patches to?

You can apply patches to Nylon, Polyester, Canvas, Rubber, PU leather/not oiled, TPU, Plastic PVC / EVA / PET, Windstopper fabric.

How should I store my Picture patches? 

Place the unused portion in a box or bag and store in a cool, dry place.