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Iceland ProKnit Jacket




The first multi-density knitted jacket

The Mountain is a vast laboratory where our actions become an experience. Going on an expedition across high altitude mountain tops, looking for secret spots, demands the need for very technical, breathable and waterproof equipment to protect you from the elements.

To fulfil these extreme demands our laboratory team has created The Iceland jacket, in which we have integrated a patented new technology: ProKnit Serie.

This innovation is a new big step forward in the outdoor industry, as until now, all technical shells have been limited to woven construction.

Knitting a technical jacket instead of weaving it is a radical and innovative choice that allows us to answer specific needs and body requirements when skiing or snowboarding.


The ProKnit Serie technology is a knitted seamless technology that allows us to knit a polyester yarn like a sweater. Knitting offers complete freedom in the choice of the knits, which can be tight or loose. Using different sized knits in various areas and the seamless construction maximizes breathability, which is a key need for committed skiers and riders. The fabric is also laminated with a waterproof/breathable membrane that is in direct contact with the air where the knits are the largest, further improving the breathability, as the fabric doesn’t act like a wall.


Contrary to a yarn that needs to be blended with elastane to get stretch, knitting provides the product a natural stretch, 1.5 greater than when woven. It offers skiers and riders maximum freedom of movement on the mountain.

Waterproofness & PFC Free

Although the fabric loosely knitted in certain areas, the membrane keeps its waterproofness function. Moreover we are using for the first time in the outdoor industry a 100% PFC Free water repellant treatment called Teflon EcoElite, developed by Chemours. Using an eco-friendly DWR Treatment doesn’t mean a lack of technicity. Thus we keep the same standards that a C6 or C8 solution would, without the PFC perfluorinated chemicals.

Abrasion Resistance

The body-mapping of the jacket allows us to adapt the fabric and its density according to body requirements. Thus we have a tighter knits and a higher fabric density located on the shoulders to resist against abrasion caused by the use of a backpack. That improves the product’s durability.

Eco-conception and Certifications

Finally, the Iceland ProKnit jacket is made of 100% recycled polyester, Greenplus & Bluesign certified. It is also more eco-friendly, using one large piece of knitted fabric, thereby eliminating scrap fabric from pattern cuts.

ISPO Award

ISPO is the world biggest tradeshow for professionals in the boardsport industry. It takes place every year in Munich and brings together all the ski/snowboard/outdoor brands which show their new collections, coming in shops one year later. During the event, ISPO rewards the best products of the year, in terms of innovation and sustainable development.

After winning ISPO Awards those last 4 years, it means a lot for us to be recognized one more time as one of the most active, innovative and environmentally committed brand.

We are always working on the development of high quality and 100% eco-friendly products to make each mountain trip a perfect experience!

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