Contest rules


From 20/03/2023 To 07/04/2023

Article 1 : Contest organization 

The company PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING, SA registered with the Registry of Trade and Companies in Clermont Ferrand under number 509202180 and whose registered office is located 175 rue Georges Charpak – 63118 CEBAZAT, FRANCE, is organizing a free contest with no obligation to purchase and will be hereafter referred to as “the Organizer”.

The participation is registered when the person filled for free the register form of the contest, available in partner stores.

Condition and terms are available at the link

Article 2 : Access to the contest

The contest is accessible through a register form, that the participant can easily find attached on the social media of the participant stores, or in stores,  by scanning a QR Code.

The contest is open to all, excluding minors, with no regards to their location. Those persons who are not authorized to participate in the contest include all of those who have collaborated in the organization of the contest, as well as their direct family members, the employees of the organizer, or the subcontractors of the organizer.

Participation in the contest is limited to one entry per participant per email address registered in the form.

The organizer reserves the right to eliminate from the drawing or the contest all entries that do not respect the terms and conditions, notably all incomplete or unreadable forms. Participation in the contest implies the unconditional acceptance of the present terms and conditions in their entirely.

The contest will occur from 11/01/2022 to 12/18/2022 inclusive. Any participation is related to a shop, the one the participant registered in the form. The participation for a shop that already drawn its winners is impossible.

Article 3 : Participation conditions and validity

The game is accessible through a form, available via a post from the partner shops’ social media, or in the physical shops, via a QR Code, that the participant must scan. A network connection is needed to access to the form online.

Participants are required to complete the form by entering their name, surname, email address, favorite shop, town where the shop is located and their favorite outdoor sport. The information entered into the fields of the participation form must be complete and valid. Information concerning identity, e-mail addresses, and all other fields mentioned in the form that are found to be incorrect or deceitful will result in the participant’s entry being voided. The organizer reserves the right to eliminate from the contest all entries that do not respect the terms and condition, or that are suspicious or fraudulent, without any justification.

Article 4 : Winner determination

The day of the movie projection, the drawing will occur. The organizer will select two winners at random from among the valid entries, for each shop, in each city. All entries are registered and kept by the organizer and its access is limited.

The shop that the participant provided in the participation form will receive from the organizer the information (name, surname, e-mail address) of the winner, in order to contact him/her.

The winners will be personally informed by e-mail at the address provided in the participation form, the day of the movie presentation. Both must define by themselves the modality of prize collection.


Article 5 : Prize designation

The prize is as follows : a ticket for “mountain on stage” in the city the participant chose in the participation form.

The prize attributed is individual and non-transferable. In addition, the prize shall in no case be the subject of any contestation from the winner, including exchange or any other type of compensation whatsoever.

Article 6 : Personal data

The personal data collected during the contest are saved and used by the organizer as is necessary for participation in the contest and the attribution of the prize.

The participant can accept during the application of the form, to communicate their data to the partner shop. The data collected, if the participant accept it with consent will be the name, surname, e-mail address and favorite sport.

Personal data will be communicated to the shop, whatever the participant chose during the application, if the participant is the winner. These data will not be kept by the partner shop for any commercial use but used to contact the winner.

In accordance with the French “data protection act” of 27 April 2016, the participants have the right to access, contest, rectify, or delete information concerning themselves. Any such request must be addressed by post to the organizer’s address mentioned in Article 1.

Article 7 : Responsibility

The participant recognizes and accepts that the sole obligation of the organizer in managing the game is to submit the collected entries of the participants into the random drawing, provided that each entry complies with terms and conditions.

The organizer will not be held responsible for any problems relating to technical issues, hardware or software of any kind, the risk of contamination by potential viruses circulating on the network, and the absence of protection for certain data against possible misuse.

The organizer and the partner shop will not be held responsible for any problems of collect of the prize, when the participant is supposed to be in possession of it. Any added cost due to the collect of the prize will be support by the winner.

The participant recognizes and accept that any support, visual, logo is the property of PICTURE, included the application form.

Article 8 : Disputes

The terms and conditions are governed by the French law. The parties involved will attempt to resolve any disputes concerning the interpretation or the execution of the current terms and conditions in an amiable manner. If the disagreement persists, it will be submitted to the relevant courts. Any contestation or complaint relative to the contest, prize drawing, will be expressed in writing and sent to the organizer’s address. No contestation will be considered from a month after the contest is closed.

Article 9 : Acceptance and proof

The participation is ruled by the law of consent and the entire acceptance of this present terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions are available on the website of PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING.

Any contestation or complaint relative to the conditions and terms, will be expressed in writing and sent to the organizer’s address. Any postal cost will be held by the participant.

The acceptance of terms and conditions will be kept by the organizer and is a valid proof in any case of contestation.