Picture Lifetime Repair Warranty
Terms and Conditions


PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING guaranties all its products against potential manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) years starting from the purchase date. This warrantee ensures you, according to the retailer’s policy, a repair, exchange, or refund of all our products within this time limit. When this legal guarantee of compliance expires, our commercial warranty takes over to ensure lifetime repairability on the following products*:


·        Technical jackets and pants

·        Midlayers, tech sweaters

·        Backpacks

*For any questions regarding your warranty coverage, please contact us at ⁣Sites-PictureOrganicClothing-Site (picture-organic-clothing.com)

For the aforementioned products, PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING undertakes to take over, free of charge, the repair of seams, zippers, buttons and possible loss of accessories (patches, cords) during the lifetime of the product.


General conditions to benefit the commercial warranty.

Following the expiry of the statutory warranty period, and if your product is included in the above list of supported products, you will be asked to fulfill some conditions.

1.      Your apparel is a PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING product bought in an official PICTURE retailer and only the buyer can get it.

2.      All warranty requests must include a proof of purchase or an original receipt from an official PICTURE retailer.

3.      Send your product according to the conditions indicated by PICTURE after-sales service.


The following damages are not covered by the commercial warranty:

·        Damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect.

·        Impact damage or scratches

·        Cuts, stains, holes

·        Non compliance with the following washing instructions that have caused discolouration, shrinkage or deterioration of the fibre.

·        Abrasion of the apparel due to heavy or abnormal use of the apparel.

Every product must be used with care, without abuse. Our products materials are indicated on our website, as well as on our labels, to help you in the maintenance of your PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING products.


The commercial warranty attached to the life of the product.

The commercial warranty is attached to the PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING product and its owner, for a period of (ninety-nine) 99 years.

“The Life” means the life of the product, which PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING estimates at (ninety-nine) 99 years old. We therefore take over the repair of the product until that date, calculated from the date of purchase of the product.

In order to guarantee such a long service life, we advise you to take all the necessary care regarding your apparel, by referring to all of our maintenance advice available in our FAQ.


Regulation of the warranty

Repaired products are subject to spare parts availability. The repair shop undertakes to respect the style and colors of the original apparel as much as possible without guaranteeing an identical conformity when the product is returned.

Concerned about your satisfaction, PICTURE makes every effort to offer you an adequate and personalized solution according to your request and the difficulty of each geographical area. Every year, we expand our skills and optimize our repair shop procedures to facilitate access to our guarantee.

Any product that is the subject of a complaint must be washed beforehand in accordance with the maintenance instructions listed in the FAQ on our website.


Shipment regulation

For Europe/ EU, you can contact our customer service directly through our online customer service contact form. For other countries of the world, you must first contact your retailer and if necessary, contact us through the online form:


You will then be asked :

·        Your contact information: surname, first name, postal and e-mail address, telephone number. Those informations are protected according to the current regulations and will not be used for commercial purposes.

·        Retailer’s contact information.

·        Two photos of the product, with one of the general view of the product and one with the defect of the product.

·        A product description (size and color).

·        A copy of the purchase proof or a receipt for the product.

A tracking number will be provided for the shipment being repaired. The PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING guarantee covers all repair costs and returns to the address indicated on your request. However, we strongly advise you to take the options offered regarding tracking and insurance for your package. PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING does not in any way insure the products during their shipment to the workshop in charge of the repair and would not be held responsible for any losses or costs resulting from the deprivation of use.

The product will be repaired and returned within a maximum of 20 working days from the day of receipt by the workshop. In case of delay, you will be notified of the latter in order to consider solutions adapted to your situation.