Our approach to retail

As an unconventional outdoor brand, from the very first day Picture has always wanted to surprise and make an impact through its creative, artistic, and alternative DNA.

Every season, the brand strives to create innovative campaigns, bringing its original products to life by telling great stories.

Picture owes its specific, truly unique DNA to Jérémy, one of the brand’s three cofounders. An architect by training, he started making sketches in the offices of his family’s architectural firm before launching Picture.

In 2008 Picture entered the market, starting their adventure by breaking from the norm in the outdoor industry.

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In 2016, eight years after launching the brand, the adventure continues: Picture opened its very first brand stores in Lyon and Annecy, France.


Picture built its retail model around the idea of staying close to its community and to offer customers a unique experience.

Picture Stores are much more than simple places to shop, they provide the opportunity meet others and share in an experience all year long! Come meet our retail staff and learn all about Picture!


Since the very beginning, commitment to environmental causes has been an integral part of the brand’s DNA.

With a sustainable, ethical, and ecologically-responsible approach to the entire business, it is only natural for the design concept and furniture at Picture Stores to be sustainable and made with recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

Eco-designed furniture from sustainable materials such as:

PU: recycled tires

OSB: wood chips bonded by a natural resin

PET: 100% recycled plastic

Reclyclable steel

Picture likes stories that last: since the beginning Mission, a family run workshop near Lyon, France, has worked side-by-side with the brand to design furniture and decorations for its stores.

From design, to storage, by way of fabrication and installation, Mission oversees the concept from A to Z. From its workshops in France, every detail and component is carefully designed and made.

Picture Stores reflect the brand’s commitment and core values: each store has a dedicated environmental policy, and staff is trained to answer all your questions and cater to your needs as best they can. Product durability is also vital for Picture.

This is why every store works in partnership with local seamstresses/tailors to encourage “alternative consumption” by making repairs and working with local suppliers and service providers.

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