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The future of innovation

Today, we are more and more interested in buying locally made products with a high level of quality. Brands are increasingly seeking to understand what drives consumers to spend their money, whether issues are environmental or ethical.
Even the biggest brands are starting to become aware of these changes regarding the demand, with fashion giants (that we will not name, but you surely know them) who launch new initiatives of sustainable production (and more or less responsible).

Transparency is the challenge of tomorrow. We are always asked for more clarity, about the origin of products, in their manufacture, in their composition, in their use
We offer you today a range that will undoubtedly meets your expectations. As you know, we attach great importance, if not all our attention, to the sourcing of materials, the choices of our partner factories, the respect of all the people who are involved in the production of our products.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Naturally Uncovered Collection. A range of products based on more human concepts, more concrete values. Some will advocate a return to the sources, others will prefer to talk about a renewal with nature. More than a year of work has been required to carry out this project, which can be described as “crazy”. Our design team worked tirelessly, deploying a mad energy, moving heaven and earth to conciliate our duty to protect and preserve the environment, with our role as a leader in innovation.

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This unique collection is a big revolution for the textile industry. Symbolized by their lightness, products of the N.U. collection are all made with the same DermaSkin® fiber, which will ensure a real “skin touch” even after 200 washes. This fiber developed by us in our own laboratories is 100% breathable. Thanks to its advanced technology, it will keep the heat when you need it, while evacuating the moisture generated during the effort.

Dedicated to outdoor pleasures, the products of the N.U. collection independently filter UV, while allowing some to perfect your tan. Concerned about the sustainable use of our clothes, the intelligent DermaSkin® fabric is self-healing. Thanks to this technology, you will never need to throw away or buy new clothes again! Finally, the clothes we offer will adapt to everyone’s shape and morphology. No need to renew your closets because of extra pounds taken during the holiday season!

You’ll understand, this collection is like Picture:
characterized by its lightness, this range will seduce you with its crazy simplicity. Or simply craziness? Up to you.

Check it out: here!

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