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The results of the annual ISPO Award are out !

And we are proud to announce that we are twice ISPO Award Gold Winner ! So stoked.
We got one Ispo award gold winner with the Welcome Jacket, a 100% recyclable product also composed of recycled polyester.


To be fully recyclable a product must me composed of 95% of the same material as polyester and can contain up to 5% of other compounds. So, this jacket is composed of 65% polyester and 33% recycled polyester. Only gaiters and sleeves contain elastane but part of that comes within the range of 5% non polyester.

The Welcome is a 3 layers jacket, 20 000 water repellency / 15 000 breathability.
DWR reppelent is PFOA / PFOS FREE : it means that Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) chemicals are not used in the manufacturing of the product.

What a surprise, we also got a second award, the Environmental Excellence of the year !
It is a great reward for us. Check out our new environmental page to discover all our actions to limit our carbon footprint and how simples gestures can allow you to reduce the impact of your jacket, pants and any picture products. It is together that we will be able to make things change.


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