Inspiring people to dream, think, and take action

We at Picture have an obligation to harness the power of communication to inspire people to dream and to change, to build awareness about the world’s current environmental issues, and to present the wide range of viable solutions.

Our goal every year is to make one inspiring film with a powerful message.

In Gora and Zabardast, our first two films.

In Gora

What were the main ingredients for our first documentary film? A month-long trip on the Let’s Be Nomads camper-bus traveling 6000km through 13 countries with 10 snowboarders and skiers, trying to better understand local environmental issues and just have a great time.

Full In Gora movie

Far, so far from home. The crossroads between freeride skiing and Himalayan climbing. A genuine adventure.

Full Zabardast movie

The Picture Family

Athletes in the Picture Family reflect the essence of the brand. We are proud to count among them such committed athletes as Mat Schaer, Damien Castera, Leo Taillefer, Coline Ballet-Baz, Thomas Delfino, Ian Wood, and so many others.


Sometimes watching a poignant documentary or witnessing something powerful can change how we see things. This is exactly what we hope to do through the films we make.


Creating inspiring and visionary content is one thing, but finding an audience that really listens and understands is a much greater challenge.