It all starts hereā€¦

The textile industry is responsible for approximately 8% of overall worldwide carbon emissions.

Venturing off the beaten path by using materials and processes to reduce our impact is the starting point for our commitment to the environment.

The materials we use in 100% of our products

Organic materials


of the cotton we use is organic.


reduction in our carbon emissions

Recycled materials


of the polyester used to make our technical apparel comes from recycled bottles


reduction in our carbon emissions through these techniques.

Reused materials

Our longtime factory partners provide us with the chance to move away from traditional methods of production.

From our technical fabrics, we take the scraps generated during the manufacturing process and reuse them in the linings for some of our products (jackets, sleeping bags). Every lining is a unique mix of colors chosen at random.

Animal-based materials


100% of the wool and leather we use comes from humanely treated animals and contains no toxic chemicals.

Bio-sourced materials

Our primary focus is to create new technical fabrics from plants to wipe out all use of petroleum-based materials.

Coming soon!

Did you know that the conventional way to make technical fabrics involves crude oil extraction?

However, other options do exist

The firsts involves recycling plastic bottles to make thread, which Picture has been doing since its start in 2008. However, bottles are still petroleum-based waste, and represent a less than satisfying option over the mid to long term.

The second is referred to as bio sourcing. In the case of a snow jacket, this means making a plant-based fabric: for example, from sugar cane or castor beans. Our short-term goal is to expand the use of bio-sourcing throughout our technical apparel collection. We will start this process for winter 2019/2020.

Still in its early stages, the third option involves bio-recycling used clothing.

We are responsible for how you use Picture products

Rather than exchanging an old product for a new one, we do our best to repair the rips, tears, and other damage a product incurs when used. We work with several repair centers around the world to provide this service.

Every so often we organize campaigns in Picture stores to collect old clothing (all brands combined) that you no longer use. We do this to test the various bio-recycling options that exist (green chemistry) to be able to make new products from used clothes.