Picture For Good

The fight against climate change is a fight that should bring as many people together as possible

We are not alone in this fight, many of you are also taking action.

In 2018, we created Picture For Good, a program and call for responsible projects. We provide funding and technical support to the projects that we select.

Developing social initiatives with our employees to provide support to the non-profit Rêves Nepalais.

Our partners

Rubén Salgado

Promoting solar power in the world’s most remote places, providing support to local populations, and setting up educational programs: learn more about the Solar Portraits project created by photographer and National Geographic contributor Rubén Salgado.


We work closely with the WWF on a common initiative to wipe out the use of fossil fuels.

Beyond Boarding

The big winner for the first edition of Picture For Good! Beyond Boarding is a Canadian non-profit made up of activist surfers and snowboarders. They protest against oil and natural gas extraction projects in British Columbia, and educate local populations on the associated dangers and negative impact.

Coming soon!

Summit Foundation

The Summit Foundation is a Swiss environmental non-profit organization. Created in January 2001, the Summit Foundation’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact of human activity in heavily-visited areas.

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