Rana Plaza Collapse

In 2013 in Bangladesh, Rana Plaza collapsed, causing the death of 1127 people. The building housed the clothing factories for several major fast fashion brands.

This disaster has now become a symbol for the serious labor issues that continue to persist within the garment industry.

Following the collapse, the non-profit Fashion Revolution was created to fight for greater transparency in the industry.

The movement has spread worldwide, gaining support from governments, consumers, stores, human rights organizations, and suppliers.

We would also like to present the people who work hard to make our products, to describe the work that they do, and to provide greater detail about their workplace conditions.



Lobbying and activism are powerful tools that should be used for worthy causes. Fashion Revolution serves to denounce major problems, and calls out brands to take responsibility for their actions.


Becoming involved in the Fashion Revolution movement is easy, it just requires taking the time. However, effecting real change in the garment industry is much more difficult.