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Men's T-shirt

The centerpiece of men's casual and streetwear outfits, the men's T-shirt is the perfect blend of comfort, design and durability with Picture. Adopt our T-shirts for a minimalist, well-groomed urban look in all circumstances. Tank tops, short-sleeved tees, long-sleeved tees: our tops adapt to all styles and all weather conditions, to the delight of men looking for the perfect tee.

How to wear a men's T-shirt

Originally, men's T-shirts were used as undershirts. Now a garment in its own right, and even a fashion accessory in some cases, it has become THE must-have item in men's wardrobes. From basic, plain-colored tees to designer tees with logos or printed designs, we love the comfort and simplicity of this short- or long-sleeved top. Whether worn on its own in fine weather, or tucked under a hoodie or jacket for inclement weather, the men's tee-shirt guarantees ease and freedom of movement on a daily basis. It's hardly surprising, then, that they're just as popular with the adventurous as they are with the homebody!

At Picture, men's T-shirts come in 2 different cuts. On the one hand, the "regular fit" cut is both classic and timeless. On the other, the "Relaxed fit" cut is more oversized, in total harmony with streetwear codes. All that's left for you to decide is whether you'd rather choose your side or vary the pleasures by mixing standard and relaxed cuts across your T-shirt collection. Either way, the Picture men's t-shirt from our Smart & chill line is sure to enhance your style.

On most of our men's T-shirts, the Picture logo appears in XXL format, whether spelled out in full or simply suggested by the initial P. In the Basement collection, for example, our logo appears in its original version, with our famous fir tree pictogram, but is subtly stylized with a floral print for the "Basement Bali Tee", or even a cork design for the "Basement Cork Tee". In the Dad & Son collection, the result of a collaboration between Jérémy - designer and co-founder of our brand - and his father, the Picture logo is accompanied by gray pencil illustrations, for a result that is as minimalist as it is aesthetically pleasing. Mountains, waves, vans, animals, the planet and more. the drawings that decorate the majority of our T-shirts reflect our desire to fight climate change, like our Climate Change (CC) collection, and at the same time symbolize our attraction to outdoor activities. When you wear a Picture men's T-shirt, you're also carrying a strong environmental message.

With their round collars and high quality, our men's T-shirts have everything to please the greatest number of men. They're easy to wear in everyday life, whether you're going to work or strolling around town with friends. When on vacation in the sun, you can even be tempted by a Picture tank top, to be worn with shorts and a pair of flip-flops for a comfortable tan. For everyday wear, the Picture men's T-shirt in short- or long-sleeve versions can be paired with sweatpants and sneakers for a 100% streetwear look, or with cargo pants for a casual but confident look.

Our T-shirts with an XXL print on the back are reminiscent of the style of Californian surfers and skateboarders, like our "Mapoon Tee" and "Kalajoki Tee" models. Concealed from the front, their ultra-colorful design lets you assert your rebellious spirit from the back. Let your style shine through with a Picture tee in black, white, beige, gray, blue or green, plain or multicolored, with or without a pattern, and showcase both your passions and your tastes. More than just a tee-shirt, the Picture men's tee-shirt is a sign of your commitment to the "Picture Family" spirit, combining ecological values with a love of design.

The Picture men's T-shirt: a quality garment with an ecological and sustainable design.

Like our most technical garments and accessories, the Picture men's T-shirt is carefully crafted using organic and recycled materials. Thanks to polyester recycled mainly from plastic bottles and organic cotton, our teams bring to life garments that are less polluting and more ethical than most products from the modern textile industry. The eco-design of our men's T-shirts allows us to think outside the box and offer you tops that are as unique as they are sustainable, inviting sobriety into your clothing style.

For example, some of our organic cotton T-shirts for men have OCS certification, for "Organic Content Standard", which applies to non-food products composed of at least 95% organic materials. Others are certified by the GOTS label, for "Global Organic Textile Standard", which rewards the use of organic fibers and more environmentally-friendly production processes. These certifications are proof of our capacity for innovation and our ambition to explore all possibilities in terms of eco-design. By choosing a Picture men's tee-shirt to wear, you're supporting a sustainable approach committed to a better future, in which consumption patterns are increasingly responsible.

Discover the other pieces in our streetwear collection, to match your men's tee-shirt with pants, shorts, a sweatshirt or a jacket of identical quality and impeccable style. With our streetwear-inspired garments, you can wear comfortable, stylish pieces in town, with a clear outdoor spirit. Treat your little brother or son to one of our men's T-shirts in a child's version.

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